Paul Ryan On Trump's Racism, 'I Know His Heart’s In The Right Place'


During today's interview on CBS's Face The Nation, Speaker Paul Ryan told John Dickerson that even though Trump has had some missteps on race relations, his "heart is in the right place" so it's OK.

Speaker Ryan was featured in a few segments on the show and in the middle of the program, Dickerson switched the topic to race relations.

Dickerson asked, "A year ago, we talked about race relations in the country and you said you hoped then-candidate Trump would be inclusive. You said, 'He's new at this.'"

"It's been a year now, how would you rate his ability to bring this country together which has clearly an issue?"

Ryan said that Trump made a couple of bad comments during the Charlottesville fiasco, but said he knows Trump's "heart is in the right place."

Dickerson asked, "How do you know that?"

How does Ryan know Trump's heart is in the right place after seeing no sign of that in the over two years he's been in the political limelight?

Ryan explained, "I've had some candid conversations about this, especially during that time."

See? Case closed. Trump told him in private what he really feels so it's all better now. Forget what he actually does. What matters is what he says to Ryan behind closed doors.

Ryan then pulled a 'Kellyanne Conway'™ by switching topics in mid-sentence to throw up a smoke screen for the president..

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