Fire Chief Fired After Calling Steelers Head Coach 'A No-Good N*gger'

Photo of Fire Chief Fired After Calling Steelers Head Coach 'A No-Good N*gger'

A volunteer Fire Chief from the Muse Fire Department in Cecil Township has been fired by the board of supervisors for sending out a racist tweet against Pittsburgh Steelers football coach Mike Tomlin, after their team stayed off the field during the signing of the National Anthem this past Sunday.

Volunteer Fire Chief Paul Smith sent out the racist tweet in frustration, he said.

"Tomlin just added himself to the list of no-good ni**ers. Yes I said it."

What's amazing to me is that he actually tagged the end of his tweet by writing, "Yes I said it."

Smith was proud of his tweet.

I wonder who else is on his list of no-goods? Did he add LeBron James yet?

He can thank Trump for lending a helping hand to his dismissal.

And Smith was out of the country and on vacation when he went full-on racist on Twitter.

In his apology he claims "It was said in anger. I am not a racist as the media is making me out to be."

I'm sorry, did the media send out a blanket racist tweet to you and asked you to sign your name to it or did you come up with it all by yourself?

You've made yourself a racist and nobody else.

He added, "I have many friends of color and and ethnicity." So how can he possibly be a racist!!!!?

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