Alex Jones: NFL Players Are 'Kneeling To White Genocide'

Photo of Alex Jones: NFL Players Are 'Kneeling To White Genocide'

Alex Jones and Jack Posobiec took the mantle of white nationalism today when they attacked NFL players for "kneeling to white genocide."

Trump's imbecilic argument with the NFL is obviously a distraction from his entire failed presidency so far and the only thing he does consistently is to start crazy media wars for attention that revs up his whacked out base of supporters.

Even today during a presser with the Spanish Prime minister, Trump told the media how ashamed he was of the NFL.

And there is nobody crazier or more of a degenerate than Alex Jones. How a person can get from a small group of players that staged a silent protest over law enforcement's continued violence against unarmed African Americans to 'the entire NFL wants to kill all the white men' is beyond me.

Check out this insane rant from Jones and his protege Joe Posobiec as transcribed by MMFA:

Jones, "You’re supposed to get on your knees at midnight or in the early morning and tell God you repent on things you’ve done. You don’t tell in a football stadium, “Mainstream media: you’re my God, I am bad, tell me what to do.” That is sick."

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