North Korea Reportedly Tests Most Powerful H-Bomb Yet. Thanks, Trump!


In the wee hours last night, news reports started coming from China that they had registered a significant seismic event in North Korea, measuring a possible 6.3 on the Richter scale. The discussion quickly shifted to the acknowledgement that the activity was the result of an underground explosion, which North Korea confirmed this morning.

North Korea carried out its most powerful nuclear test to date on Sunday, claiming to have developed an advanced hydrogen bomb that could sit atop an intercontinental ballistic missile.

The bomb used in the country's sixth-ever nuclear test sent tremors across the region that were 10 times more powerful than Pyongyang's previous test a year ago, Japanese officials said.

While the type of bomb used and its size have not been independently verified, if true, the pariah state is a significant step closer to being able to fire a nuclear warhead to the US mainland, as it has repeatedly threatened it could if provoked.

And it is that provocation that AM Joy's guest, former intelligence agent Malcom Nance warned about. Donald Trump, for reasons known only to him and his nationalist advisers, have specifically called out North Korea, declaring that the time of "strategic patience" for them is over.

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