Does Schumer Really Believe Republicans Will Object To Trump Firing Mueller?


Sen. Minority leader Chuck Schumer told ABC News that he couldn't see Speaker Ryan or Majority leader McConnell sitting by and doing nothing if Trump fired Bob Mueller or pardons.

Is this wishful thinking or naivete?

ABC's THIS WEEK host George Stephanopoulos' final question to Sen. Schumer was about Bob Mueller and the power of Trump to pardon himself.

George asked, "Do you believe the president can pardon himself? And what would it mean if he took the next step and at some point actually fired Robert Mueller?"

Sen. Schumer replied, "If he fired Mueller or pardoned himself or someone close to him under investigation, it would be one of the greatest, greatest breaking of rule of law, of traditional democratic norms of what our democracy is about. I think it would cause a cataclysm in Washington."

There would definitely be a meltdown in Washington, in the media, on the left and to some Republicans if he took any of these actions.

It's something not many people have spent much debating, but then again, we haven't had a narcissistic buffoon sitting in the White House.

Now here's where Sen. Schumer is either tinkering with some wishful thinking or completely unaware to the reality of today's GOP.

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