Scarborough Compares Spicer To 'Old Soviet Propagandist'


The Morning Joe gang weighed in on Sean Spicer's off-camera press conference yesterday, in which he insisted Jared Kushner's meeting with Russians was about "adoption."

"I mean, I'm glad the topic's back to Russia because it actually reminds me -- Sean Spicer yesterday ---and I know you'll remember, what we used to hear from the old Soviet Union spokespeople," Scarborough said.

"They would come out and say things that had already been disproven, that the whole world knew had been disproven, and when Sean Spicer comes out yesterday and says it's just about adoptions, that, I mean that lie which the president signed off on on Air Force One, was proven to be a falsehood over a week ago and everyone in Washington and everyone in America knows it.

"And yet, like an old Soviet propagandist, you have White House people going out and actually quoting something that was proven -- I don't know to be a a -- proven to be a falsehood eight, nine, ten days ago."

Steve Rattner said this was not a unique thing.

"They do stuff all the time that was either disproven by later events or disproven by facts or whatever," he said.

"We obviously know the story has moved away from this question of simply talking about adoption and now there's a question of this other person in the meeting, who is an expert on hacking. We don't know if that part of it is as de minimis as the Trump administration plays."

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