Sen. Collins: Cutting Medicaid 'Is Not The Way We Should Proceed'


Senator Susan Collin's visited ABC's This Week today to discuss the looming healthcare "repeal and replace" deathcare bill that is currently winding it's way through DC. Collins is one of 2 definitive "no" votes on the bill. She explains part of her reasoning - the massive and devastating Medicaid cuts, which would impact the most vulnerable. She had some pretty pointed words:

Jonathan Karl: You heard Vice President Pence say it provides for the most vulnerable. Protects Medicaid, and will lead to better outcomes? Is he right?

Collins: I would respectfully disagree. Let me extend wishes to my friend and colleague John McCain as he recovers from his surgery. That has led, as you indicated, to a delay in consideration for this bill. This bill would make sweeping and deep cuts in the Medicaid program, which has been a safety net program on the books for more than 50 years. Ensuring that some of our most vulnerable citizens, our disabled children, our low-income receive the health care that they need. It would also jeopardize the very existence of our rural hospitals and our nursing homes, which not only provide essential care to people in rural america, but also are major employers in the small communities in which they are located. and worst of all, these changes would be made without the senate having held a single hearing to evaluate their impact.

Karl: But the vote's been delayed. Did McConnell have the votes to get it passed?

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