Sen. Ted Cruz Sells His ACA Repeal Snake Oil As Consumer 'Freedom'

Photo of Sen. Ted Cruz Sells His ACA Repeal Snake Oil As Consumer 'Freedom'

Why is it every time one of these wingnut Republican politicians wants to sell a really horrible idea to their gullible voters, they feel they've got to slap the word "freedom" on the title? Sen. Ted Cruz made an appearance on ABC's This Week and discussed he and Mitch McConnell's latest efforts to find fifty votes in the Senate for their godawful ACA repeal bill.

Here's the problem with Cruz's so-called "Consumer Freedom Option" they're hoping will bring along enough of them to possibly get it passed before the August recess: Ted Cruz's Obamacare repeal plan would cripple the market say experts:

Texas Senator Ted Cruz thinks he can break the Obamacare repeal logjam in the Senate.

His solution, which is being touted as a "Consumer Freedom Option," would allow insurers that sell Obamacare policies to also offer skimpier plans.

One set of policies would contain all of the Obamacare protections, including covering those with pre-existing conditions, offering all 10 essential health benefits and limiting consumers' financial exposure.

The other plans would not have to adhere to these rules, allowing them to offer less comprehensive policies at a cheaper price. [...]

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