Silicon Valley Wants to Reinvent the Democratic Party With a Group Called “WTF”

Photo of Silicon Valley Wants to Reinvent the Democratic Party With a Group Called “WTF”

Known to be forward thinking in the realm of technology, Silicon Valley is now rounding up its resources to lay out a future for the Democratic Party.

Win the Future, a new project started by Zynga co-founder Mark Pincus and Linkedin founder Reid Hoffman to rewire the Democratic Party, has officially launched. WTF, which appears to be a play on a far more explicit acronym, aims to help the party adopt a single-shared platform. The organization describes itself on its website as “pro-social, pro-planet, and pro-business”--though its exact agenda is up to its members.

How exactly does that work? Well, according to an interview the pair of founders gave to Recode, participants of the movement can Tweet out issues that matter to them. If they receive heavy support in the form of retweets and likes, WTF will adopt the issue as their own. Additionally, WTF will place these popular issues on billboards in Washington, D.C.

Already, Pincus and Zynga say they’ve put $500,000 toward the project.

The idea for WTF first emerged in early February, as the Democratic Party reeled from its surprising defeat in both the White House and in Congress. Since President Donald Trump’s election, Silicon Valley appears to have waded deeper into the realm of politics, with some openly criticizing Trump’s position on immigrants. Some supporters also formed a Super PAC to put Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in the White House.

However, Zuckerberg has disavowed all association with the Super PAC, noting that he is not in any way "testing the waters" in a letter from the Chan Zuckerberg initiative to the Federal Election Commission. Additionally, the Initiative has asked the Super PAC to refund all donations received when using Zuckerberg's likeness.

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