Sen. Susan Collins Says She's 'Optimistic' They'll Make AHCA More Humane


I'm a little worried about Susan Collins' higher cognitive functioning. She appears to be living in a completely different reality from the rest of us.

In her world, the Republican Party is a party that CARES about the most vulnerable among us. They want to create a better health care system.

No, seriously. Stop laughing. She really thinks this.

When presented with the evidence of Planned Parenthood being defunded (her alleged bright red line which she would not cross), she shrugs and says she's optimistic that it will be included.

Well, first, let me say that it makes absolutely no sense to eliminate federal funding for Planned Parenthood. There already are longstanding restrictions on the use of federal funds for abortion. So that's not what this debate is about. And Planned Parenthood is an important provider of health care services, including family planning and cancer screenings for millions of Americans, particularly women.

And they should be allowed to choose the health provider that they want. That's one of the issues that I care deeply about. But there are many others as well.

STEPHANOPOULOS: I understand...

COLLINS: I am optimistic we'll prevail on that issue.

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