Zendaya Proves She's 'Fashion-Fearless' on Her First Vogue Cover

Photo of Zendaya Proves She's 'Fashion-Fearless' on Her First Vogue Cover

Zendaya has come a long way since her days on Disney. While she of course still works for the company starring in her hit TV show K.C. Undercover, she has also simultaneously transitioned her career beyond the small screen starring in what’s practically guaranteed to be one of the biggest blockbuster’s of the summer, Spider-Man: Homecoming. But at just 20-years-old, the actress has also taken the fashion industry by storm, not only with her own impressive red carpet wardrobe, aided by her excellent stylist Law Roach, but also designing an eponymous collection of affordable, yet super trendy pieces. So it’s no wonder that Vogue is already taking note of this style superstar in the making, breaking from their usual roster of old guard Hollywood celebs and Instagram It-girls to bequeath the title of July cover girl on Zendaya.

And it’s not just Vogue who have taken note of the actress’s beyond chic aesthetic, in the interview accompanying her editorial shoot the magazine quotes Michael Kors who calls Zendaya, “fashion-fearless,” adding, “I’ve got my cast of women. I’m always looking for a new character. Not only does Zendaya love fashion but she understands that you can play a role when you get dressed.” Something that Vogue also underscored in the video she shot for her cover in which she channels a series of different fashion and beauty looks over the past 100 years.

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And it’s not just her sense of fashion that’s both exacting and ever-evolving, Zendaya brings that same authority to her acting career as well. As she told the magazine when negotiating the terms of her new show with Disney at just 16-years-old, she learned, “A lot of people don’t realize their power. I have so many friends who say yes to everything or feel like they can’t stand up for themselves in a situation. No: You have the power.”

During her interview with Vogue, Zendaya also touched on that controversial moment from the 2015 Oscars where Giuliana Rancic inadvertently made the teenager a household name with her inappropriate comment that her dreadlocks looked, “like she smells like patchouli oil or weed.”

Zendaya said of the incident, “I went to my room, gathered my thoughts, and wrote something down, which is what two teachers would have wanted me to do,” with her father adding that upon reading his daughter’s eloquent Instagram response, “I was overwhelmed with pride.” The moment was so powerful, in fact, that Barbie is now producing a doll in her image, complete with dreadlocks and all. And should she ever doubt any of her decisions all she needs to do is turn to her stylist who will reassure with one of his go-to maxims, telling the star, “It’ll be a mo-ment,” or “It’s supposed to be polarizing,” or “Everybody’s not supposed to like it.” May we all be so lucky to have our own personal Law Roach’s to bless us with such confidence-boosting reassurances every time we get dressed.

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