Geraldo To Fox And Friends: 'You Want Your Kid To Live In A Gas Mask?'


Geraldo Rivera, argued with the three climate change denier co-hosts of Fox and Friends, asking them if they want their kids "to live in a gas mask" or "swim when I go to the deli."

As you'd expect, Fox and Friends was all in on Trump's decision to ditch the Paris agreement. because, "Amerika First, Beatches!

Geraldo, who actually loves Mike Pence and Donald Trump, didn't understand what America and the so-called president gain from yesterday's action, especially since almost the entire world has signed on and "dirty coal" is not what it once was.

When Geraldo asked what this deal is for, co-host Pete Hegseth said, "American sovereignty."

Geraldo, "At what cost, Pete?'

Pete, "Our country!"

Geraldo, "You want your kid to live in a gas mask?"

Pete replied, "I don't want an international bureaucrat in Brussels telling me what regulations I have in Pennsylvania."

Geraldo replied, "I don't want to have to swim when I go to the deli. I want the world to be as, at least as clean as it is now for my children..."

An agreement to curb life-threatening emissions for the entire planet somehow destroys U.S. sovereignty. Have you felt less sovereign lately?

This agreement was negotiated so it's not Brussels telling America how to live, Pete. The agreement is non-binding and furthermore, the US gets to set its own standards for emissions.


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