Ken Starr Nixes Idea Of Special Prosecutor Over The Cost Of 'Office Space'


The highly controversial and former special prosecutor tasked to find some way to impeach Bill Clinton Ken Starr is now too concerned with start-up costs and finding office space to be in favor of installing a special prosecutor to investigate possible ties between Russia and Trump's campaign.

Let that sink in. Starr was initially brought on to investigate Whitewater real estate deal (in which the Clintons lost money) to see if there was evidence of wrongdoing. After months of investigations, jailing of witnesses and tens of millions of dollars only to find nothing and asking Congress to allow him to expand the investigation to any wrongdoing, including about lying to Congress about a consensual extramarital affair, allowing him to air all manner of speculative and spurious rumors to smear the Clinton name.

But a hostile foreign entity colluding with a candidate for the highest office in the nation? Undermining our elections and democracy? Major conflicts of interests with a brutal, murderous dictator? Meh.

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