Even Republicans Are Coming Around To Single Payer Health Care


Take a trip with me, in the Wayback Machine, to those heady days where there were endless hearings on the Affordable Care Act, where conservative pundits and politicians were dutifully booked on the Sunday shows to bemoan the dangers of the "government takeover" of medicine, and how even Canadians crossed the borders to take advantage of the fantastic medical services offered in America.

Good times, eh?

Funny how a little time and a largely successful ACA program changes things. Despite the constant (and media-unchallenged) drumbeat of awful the legislation was, the reality was that ACA worked fairly well (in areas that the Republicans allowed it to, that is). And more importantly, it staked ground in the paradigm-shifting idea that healthcare was a right, not an entitlement.

And as any political science student can tell you, it's really difficult to take away rights once granted. So despite the GOP's best efforts to gaslight us into believing that they haven't taken anything away, the fact remains that other than Donald Trump and a bunch of Republicans in the House, no one believes this bill will improve healthcare for Americans. Just look at this partial list of organizations who have condemned AHCA:

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