Mulvaney's Hilarious John Philip Sousa And Smooth Jazz Conference Call


So yesterday after his amazing fail defending "The Wall" in the press briefing, Trump's budget director and utterly punchable face Mick Mulvaney held a conference call to further spin the loss to Democrats on the 2017 spending bill as actually a win for Trump.

He was also asked to interpret the tweet in which Trump called for a government shutdown in September, because that's a totally normal thing for a president to do, right?

And finally, he was asked by an EPA reporter to explain just what in the EPA's clean environment funding was actually cut as opposed to the huge cuts they wanted but did not get.

Meanwhile, someone on the conference call was playing classical music followed by a John Philip Sousa March, but then, aware of the impact his or her music was having on the call, switched to....smooth jazz?

“By the way, if, for those of you that have please put us back on hold, if you could mute your phones, that would be really great,” Mulvaney says, "I enjoy the classical music. I do. Alright, hold a second. Is there a way to — [groan].”

Republicans always have a problem with finding competent tech people because Republicans took the very wrong side in the Net Neutrality battle, and because smart people have a well-known liberal bias. And, it turns out, they also have large and easily-accessible music libraries!

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