Mnuchin Can't Spin Trump's Tax Returns At Presser


During a White House briefing on Trump's new tax plans, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin was apparently stumped when asked if Trump will release his tax returns, and how these new plans would effect his own tax bills in the future.

Today's briefing was an exercise in making noise before the first 100 days mark. Mnuchin and Cohn gave the media their basic ideas, like a Trump memo, instead of offering up any concrete solutions on how to get their plans through the Congress.

A reporter asked, "Will the president release his tax returns so that --"

Mnuchin started off by saying Trump has no intention of releasing his tax returns and then pivoted, "The president has no intention, the president has released plenty of information and I think it's given more financial disclosure than anybody else. "

That's a lie since Trump didn't disclose his tax returns.

A reporter asked what a middle-class family of four making sixty thousand dollars would understand after this briefing and Gary Cohn jumped in and said, "A tax cut."

That's also a lie because they wouldn't pay any federal tax anyway.

MSNBC's Peter Alexander then asked the simplest question of all: "Will the president pay more or less taxes as a result of this plan?"

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