HBO's John Oliver: ‘F*ck You Geraldo, I Hope Your Mustache Gets Caught In A Box Fan'


During the past week America witnessed total cheerleading of "war porn" by many in the beltway media.

Specifically, many cable TV hosts, like MSNBC's Brian Williams had orgasms as our military dropped bombs from the air.

Another such war porn fetishist is Geraldo Rivera, who said on Trump's favoritel TV "news" show Fox and Friends, “One of my favorite things in the 16 years I’ve been here at Fox News is watching bombs drop on bad guys.”

On HBO's 'Last Week Tonight," host John Oliver took umbrage with Rivera over those words..

Oliver first outlined the week in bombs, as he played video of reports that the MOAB had been dropped.

Oliver said, "We finally reached a point where Mother's can be bombs too - hashtag #Mombombs, hashtag #Feminism."

Oliver then played video of Trump being clueless and refusing to say if he authorized the deployment of the biggest non-nuclear bomb we've ever used.

Oliver then played the infamous Geraldo Rivera clip, which included a weird analogy towards a childhood bully Rivera dealt with in school.

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