Tom Friedman Wants MOAR Strife In Middle East


Ah...where would we be in a Middle East crisis without the Moustache of Understanding?

Tom "Six Months To Turn A Corner" Friedman is clearly quite disappointed at the toothlessness of Trump's strike against the Syrian airfield, telling This Week host George Stephanopoulos, "[Secretary of State Rex Tillerson] also made clear was that right now this administration is not interested in going any further than the Obama team did in terms of actually changing the balance of power on the ground between the opposition forces, the pro-American opposition forces there, the Assad regime, and the Russians and the Iranians who are backing them."

Darn it all, why doesn't the Trump administration take other people's children as casually as the Bush administration did to Friedman's cheerleading? It's so much fun for wealthy New York Times columnists to tout American Exceptionalism to those savage Muslims, don't you know?

Friedman does acknowledge that the issues surrounding the Syrian civil war and the interference and backing of both Putin and Iran makes it a difficult--if not unsolvable--tangle for even the most astute administration.

Which is why his idea that for the significantly less-than-astute Trump to communicate his foreign policy to Putin just so fricking odd:

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