Hungry Girl: Why You Should Be Shopping in the Baby Food Aisle If You’re on a Diet

Photo of Hungry Girl: Why You Should Be Shopping in the Baby Food Aisle If You’re on a Diet

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If you don’t have kids, you probably don’t spend much time in the baby food aisle. You probably also scan past anything with kid-centric marketing. Well, I’m here to tell you that you might be missing out on some great snacks! In honor of the new movie The Boss Baby, here are six unexpected foods worth adding to your grocery cart.

Gerber Graduates

There are a bunch of really neat treats in this lineup. No, I’m not talking pureed baby food. (Although, some celebs have been known to enjoy that stuff.) These are crunchy snacks geared toward toddlers.

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A few of my favorites:

Yogurt Melts

These are made from freeze-dried yogurt and fruit. A ¼-cup serving has a mere 30 calories. Snack on ‘em straight, or make a DIY snack mix with puffed cereal and popcorn.

Lil’ Crunchies

These come in both sweet and savory varieties, including Apple & Sweet Potato (yum!) and a Mild Cheddar flavor that’s basically baby Cheetos. Eat 16 pieces for 35 calories, or have half the package for 105 calories. (That sounds more likely to me.) Crunch it up!


Here, we have melt-in-your-mouth cereal bites made with whole grains. A serving of about ½ cup (60 puffs!) has just 25 calories. There’s even a variety with greens baked in! These would be great in that DIY snack mix I mentioned.

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Here are some more kid-centric items you’ll find in other aisles of the supermarket:

Chobani Tots

You might look at squeezable yogurt and wonder, “Why would an adult need to eat yogurt from a squeeze pouch?” Um, because we’re always on the go and often don’t have time to sit down and eat with a spoon! If you’re running out the door in the morning, grab one of these pouches to hold you over until you have time for a full meal. They’re only 90 to 100 calories, plus have four grams of protein, and real fruit and veggies blended in.

Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies Baked Snack Crackers Snack Packs

Do I really need to give you a hard sell on wholesome cheesy crackers? Made with organic wheat, each packet has 130 calories. Totally perfect!

Clif Kid Zbar

Some snack bars are loaded with calories, sugar, and questionable ingredients. Not these perfectly sized treats! With only 130 to 140 calories each, these organic whole-grain bars are the ideal mid-day indulgence. And they come in fun flavors, like S’mores and Chocolate Brownie. Hooray for that!

‘Til next time… Chew the right thing!

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