Google updates Allo, Duo, and Photos; plus extras for Brazil


Brazil is a country that’s quickly rising, and it plays host to an enormous new market for tech companies. Google is well aware of that fact, and while the company already has extensive operations in Brazil, it’s making a point to develop services with Brazil in mind. Today brings in a smattering of app updates that include tweaks and optimizations aimed at the Brazilian market.

First up is Duo, which is Google’s simple one-to-one video calling app. Now Google is extending Duo to audio-only calling, allowing it to function even when data connections are poor. This feature will first roll out in Brazil, with a global roll out in the near future.

Allo is also receiving an update. Android users everywhere will now be able to share documents and other files (.pdf, .docs, .apk, .zip, and mp3) through Allo. In Brazil, Google is rolling out the Smart Smiley feature in Portuguese. Smart Smiley uses machine learning to suggest relevant emojis, and it will now function in Portuguese.

Google Photos is receiving an update that’s designed to compensate for weak data connections. Photo backups will now take place on nearly any connection, even 2G networks. On slow networks, such as 2G, lightweight previews of the photos will back up, and the high-quality versions will be automatically backed up when you connect to a high quality Wi-Fi connection. A similar system is in place for sharing photos. Using Google Photos, users can quickly share pictures on weak connections by first sending in low resolution, with the photos automatically updating to high quality when a better connection is available.

These updates come in addition to Google’s announcement of real-time location sharing with Google Maps earlier today. For more information, check out the full announcement at the source link.

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