Cummings: May 'Very Well Be A Connection' Between Firing And Trump Investigations


This past Friday, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, the Attorney General (at least, until he probably gets arrested after Russia collusion is proven), demanded that all 46 U.S. Attorneys nominated by Obama resign by the end of the day.

While this is not entirely unusual for a new administration, many called this a "purge" to remove dissidents who the Trump White House* feel may not be loyal to Hair Trump in his mission to make the rich richer, deport all Mexicans (or people with Mexican-sounding names), close borders to anyone with a Muslim-sounding name (unless they lie and say they are Christians), allow (and quietly support) anti-Semitism and destroy all environmental protections put in place to ensure there is an actual Earth for our kids and grandkids to live on. You know, he wants to get rid of evil folks who believe people should have equal rights and enjoy a safe planet.

Well, one attorney, Preet Bharara, refused to resign. So Sessions fired him.

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