Trump Budget Guy Spills Beans: Insurance Not 'End Goal Here'


Did you know that getting people health insurance wasn't the goal for Trumpcare and Republicans?

On MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Mark Halperin asked OMB Director Mick Mulvaney, his "estimate of how many fewer people will have health insurance” under House Republicans’ proposed Replacement.

Mulvaney audaciously said, "We’re looking at it in a different way, Mark, because insurance is not really the end goal here, is it?”

Say, what? What is he talking about?

Mulvaney continued, “It's one of the conservatives' and one of the Republicans' complaints about the Affordable Care Act from the very beginning."

The idea was to make health care affordable and available to all Americans.

Mulvaney said, "It was a great way to get insurance and a lousy way to actually be able to go to the doctor."

I'm sorry, just because you are covered under Obamacare doesn't mean you couldn't go to the doctor. The problem has been fluctuating rates and high deductibles, problems that can be fixed without throwing 20 million people off insurance.

I will tell you in my case, I had a preexisting condition before 2010, and I paid higher for my health care than I have been since Obamacare first began. Years before Obamacare, I also went to doctors who dropped out of the insurance markets altogether because their staff was tied up on the phones trying to get patients coverage from item to item.

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