Google Home and Amazon Echo may soon make phone calls


While Google Home and the Amazon Echo are well-equipped with features already, the companies behind these smart speakers may soon add another major feature.

The Wall Street Journal offers a brief report suggesting that both Google and Amazon are working out ways to make the Home and Echo support phone call functionality. However, there are issues holding up both companies, including privacy, access to emergency service, and telecom regulations.

The report also adds that both companies are aware of the “inherent awkwardness” of having phone conversations on a speaker, which makes one wonder why they’d be going down that route at all if that’s the case.

Amazon is also working with a few more road blocks of its own, considering it does not own the operating systems that the Echo connects to to facilitate those phone calls. To get around these elements, Amazon may introduce a virtual number for the Echo speaker, or simply allow for call forwarding.

Do you think the Home or Echo should support phone calls?

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