Sean Spicer Just Wrote Melissa McCarthy's Next Hilarious SNL Sketch


I promise you it's worth the time to watch this entire video and watch Sean Spicer write the script for Melissa McCarthy's next SNL appearance.

There are several moments that are just golden. First, watch reporters challenge Spicer on the president's tweets and public statements about Gorsuch. When Spicer cuts one off, another one picks up the thread, which is exactly what should happen.

Finally, you can hear a woman telling them to "let it go." (Wrong answer, whoever you are) And so they pivot.

One reporter asks him why the president tweets about Nordstrom but not about Quebec, which finally sends Spicer into apoplexy.

The unidentified reporter began, "I want to contrast the president's repeated statements about Nordstrom with a lack of comments about some other things, including for example, the attack on the Quebec mosque and other similar environments. Why is the president, when he chooses to --"

"Hold on, hold on!," Spicer interrupted. "I literally stand at this podium and opened up a briefing a couple of days ago about the president expressing his condolences. I literally opened the briefing about it."

Ramping up his tone, he continued, "So why are you asking why he didn't do it? When I literally stood here and did it."

The reporter shot back with Kellyanne ConJob's comments that Trump doesn't have time to comment on everything. "He's tweeting about this! He's not tweeting about something else."

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