Dana Bash Gets Fed Up With Trump's Antics: 'C'mon...Do Your Job!'


Completely useless White House press secretary Melissa McCarthy Sean Spicer was today attacking a report in the New York Times that depicted Trump in a bathrobe. Spicer contended that Trump did not even own a bathrobe, so the report must ipso facto be bogus.

via Raw Story

DANA BASH: "Are we really having this conversation?” Bash asked, incredulous. “Whether it’s Donald Trump and bathrobes, or more importantly it gets to the core … I’m joking, but this is very serious. I was going to say you can’t attack the media, you can. He has the freedom to do that, just like we have the freedom, and responsibility, I should say, to try and report out what is happening in this country.”

“But, like, c’mon,” she continued. “At a certain point … even the people who support him and cheer him on are going to be like, we don’t wanna hear it anymore. Just do your job.”

Oh, and for the record.

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