Muslim Cleric In Quebec Shows More Understanding Of American Spirit Than Trump


I saw a prominent Muslim progressive on Facebook suggest that had the shooting in Quebec been done on a Christian church by Muslim radicals, every avatar would be a variation of "Je Suis Quebec" today. But instead, it was a shooting of a Muslim mosque by a radical white nationalist with a record of pro-Trump, alt-right postings. And even liberals have not paid attention.

If it had been a Muslim shooter, you know that our so-called POTUS would waste no time in tweeting about it, having Spicer and Conway refer to it in numerous appearances and likely issue some sort of chiding to we #resisters to "wake up!" But the attack in Quebec? He remains conspicuously silent, as it doesn't actually fit his (read: President Bannon's) Islamophobic narrative. And the American news media doesn't seem to be as interested in coverage as they did the Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris.

Starting to see a pattern?

So it's more than a little poignant to read the words of Imam Hussan Guillet, eulogizing those peace-loving Muslim men by an angry white radical and realize that he has a better grasp of what makes America great than Trump ever has. And he's Canadian!

CBC kindly provided a transcript:

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