Trump's Infrastructure 'Plan' Is Another Tax Giveaway For The Rich

Photo of Trump's Infrastructure 'Plan' Is Another Tax Giveaway For The Rich

At the beginning of the Obama administration Democrats had control of the Congress and passed the "stimulus." Unfortunately only a third of that was for infrastructure work. Then Republicans in Congress obstructed every proposal since then to fix up our country's infrastructure. Now the idea of maybe fixing some of our crumbling infrastructure seems to be back on the table.

What is the right way to invest in rebuilding our infrastructure, and how should it be "paid for"?

Election Proposals

Infrastructure was one of the few actual policies that received any discussion at all during the election campaign - and it didn't receive much.

During the primary campaign Bernie Sanders proposed a highly detailed $1 trillion plan to bring the country's infrastructure up to par, paid for largely by ending the tax loophole that lets corporations park profits in offshore tax havens to avoid paying the taxes they owe. Hillary Clinton proposed a $275 billion infrastructure plan that included $25 billion to seed a national infrastructure bank. This bank would fund public-private infrastructure projects (such as toll roads and bridges).

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