These Democrats Voted Against Stopping The ACA Repeal Effort

Photo of These Democrats Voted Against Stopping The ACA Repeal Effort

Here is the list of Democrats who voted with all Republicans in the House against Rep. John Yarmuth's effort to substitute an infrastructure bill with the resolution to begin repealing the Affordable Care Act.

To be clear, all of the names on the list also voted against the Senate resolution to begin repeal, so presumably they were released to vote against Yarmuth's blocking resolution as political cover.

That is unacceptable to me. Now is the time for them to stand up for the ACA in ALL circumstances. They will argue that the resolution wasn't going to pass anyway, so they could have some cover with more conservative constituents. I'll just call BS on that right now.

One of these representatives was mine. And I will be in her office, explaining why it is unacceptable for her to EVER vote against a proposal to block repeal. I would recommend that you all choose the same course of action. Now is the time for a united front, not cowardly political cover.

Here are their names, states, and links to contact them.

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