12 Adorable Emma Stone Moments That Solidified Her Status as Our Imaginary BFF

Photo of 12 Adorable Emma Stone Moments That Solidified Her Status as Our Imaginary BFF

Now that awards season is upon us, we’re going to be seeing much more of our favorite stars, as they tape up their boobs, hit the red carpet and give impassioned acceptance speeches that make us cry until we are unrecognizable.

One of our favorite faces to see on the red carpet? Emma Stone, who just won best actress in a motion picture, musical or comedy at the Golden Globes for her performance in La La Land. As literally anyone could have predicted, Stone was a delight, continuing her storied tradition of, well, being a delight.

Here are the 12 Emma Stone moments that secured her status as our imaginary BFF.

1. When her pre-Golden Globes prep was wildly unglamorous.

Her face = all of our faces when we realized that we live in a world where lip masks exist.

2. When her Globes acceptance speech made us ugly cry.

“Thank you HFPA for this and I have to start by thanking my amazing mom,” the La La Land actress said in her speech. “Thank you, Mom, for everything. I moved here 13 years ago this week and without my mom and my dad and my brother, who has put up with me his whole life. Thank you, Spence, you’re the best.” She continued, dedicating her best actress award to fellow thespians: “To any creative person who’s had a door slammed in their face, either metaphorically or physically, or actors who have had their auditions cut off, or anybody anywhere really who feels like giving up sometimes but finds it in themselves to get up and keep fighting, I share this with you.”

3. When her enduring friendship with Ryan Gosling brought us more joy than we ever thought possible.

“It’s wonderful to work with somebody you know, trust and respect so much. He’s my buddy,” Stone said of her La La Land costar at the Venice Film Festival. (They’ve also appeared in Crazy, Stupid, Love and American Gangster together.)

4. When Stone went in for a hug, and it didn’t quite land.

Who among us hasn’t misread a social situation?

5. When she absolutely destroyed at The Tonight Show‘s “Lip Sync Battle “in 2014.

Stone delivered a pitch-perfect, warp-speed performances of “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled.

6. When she took on sexism in Hollywood.

“There are times in the past, making a movie, when I’ve been told that I’m hindering the process by bringing up an opinion or an idea,” Stone told Rolling Stone in December. “I hesitate to make it about being a woman, but there have been times when I’ve improvised, they’ve laughed at my joke and then given it to my male costar. Given my joke away.”

She continued: “Or it’s been me saying, ‘I really don’t think this line is gonna work,’ and being told, ‘Just say it, just say it, if it doesn’t work we’ll cut it out’ – and they didn’t cut it out, and it really didn’t work!’”

7. When she showed off her vocal chops in an SNL digital short about re-gifting candles.

We wouldn’t hate it if these hairstyles came back.

8. When she revealed to Vogue that her favorite foods are “French fries and Brussels sprouts, not necessarily at the same time.”


9. When her repeated hair color transformations in 2016 were the most exciting thing going on in our lives.

She’s a risk-taker and we love her for it.

10. When her 2010 comedy Easy A spoke to us on a spiritual level.

We know she’s a serious, big-deal actress, but we respectfully request more teen rom-coms.

11. When she nailed the importance of self love.

“What sets you apart can sometimes feel like a burden, and it’s not,” Stone said, accepting her MTV Trailblazer Award in 2012. “And a lot of the time, it’s what makes you great. So, I know I kind of sound like I live in a van down by the river right now.”

12. When she had a really good attitude about competing on a VH1 reality show at age 16.

Stone sang Meredith Brooks’ “Bitch” on VH1’s 2004 show, In Search of the Partridge Family.

Don’t remember? Here’s a refresher:

“You go in there rolling your eyes, thinking, ‘this is just a reality search competition,’ but then you’re there for seven weeks, and you just really, really want to win,” Stone told Vogue.

While Stone has an excellent voice, we’re glad it didn’t work out. (She did end up winning a role on the show, but it never got picked up.)

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