Time To Make News On What Repealing ObamaCare Means!

Photo of Time To Make News On What Repealing ObamaCare Means!

I know the D.C. Democrats are busy running around trying to find their next job and tickets to concerts but Christ on a crutch why isn't anyone baiting Trump about his "repeal and replace" ObamaCare promise?

At least get some people out there who can tell us what a straight up repeal would mean and what's going to happen next. Give us some scenarios like my hero Wendell Potter did here

Explain that what Americans faced before Obamacare will come rushing back, the insurance industry abuses, the crummy coverage, the out of control prices. That's what repeal is. "But, but the law!" Well tell us exactly what can't be done and what CAN be done.

The problem is that the media lets Trump and his spokespeople off the hook time and time again for not having a plan and how they are making promises they can't keep..

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