Google’s Most Searched Recipes, Chefs and Diets of 2016

Photo of Google’s Most Searched Recipes, Chefs and Diets of 2016

Google’s top searches from the year are out and when it comes to food, the world wanted comfort, comfort and more comfort.

The most requested recipe of 2016 was green bean casserole followed by Brussels sprouts, hashbrown casserole, guacamole and chicken marsala. A few sweets also made the list with hungry people searching for buttercream frosting and snow cream (ice cream made from snow, apparently).

A stressful year clearly meant the world was stress-eating which of course eventually leads to dieting. The GOLO Diet — which claims to optimize the body’s insulin levels — topped the list. But a diet claiming you can eat tacos all day, every day came in second — so let’s not go about thinking we’re all that serious about weight loss.

The people also wanted to know about Budweiser, how to make sangria and how many calories are in a Big Mac (563, according to Google, if you’re curious). Read the complete lists of food trends below and check out Google’s Year in Search for the rest of this year’s hottest topics.

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1. Green Bean Casserole
2. Brussels Sprouts
3. Hashbrown Casserole
4. Guacamole
5. Chicken Marsala
6. Chicken Tetrazzini
7. Snow Cream
8. Buttercream Frosting
9. Pork Chops
10. Turkey Gravy

1. GOLO Diet
2. Taco Diet
3. Military Diet Substitutes
4. Atkins 40
5. Ketogenic Diet Foods
6. Dissociated Diet
7. The Wild Diet
8. Pizza Diet
9. Dukan Diet Results
10. Mono Diet

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1. Anthony Bourdain
2. Guy Fieri
3. Marco Pierre White
4. Nobu Matsuhisa
5. Jacques Pepin
6. Benoit Violier
7. Charlie Palmer
8. Daniel Humm

Calorie Searches
1. Big Mac
2. Coors
3. Quinoa
4. Glass of wine
5. Eggplant
6. Persimmon
7. Boiled Egg
8. Miso Soup
9. Steak
10. Pho

1. Budweiser America
2. Coors
3. Treehouse Brewing
4. Delirium Tremens Beer
5. Snake Venom beer
6. Trillium Brewery
7. India Pale Ale
8. Tired Hands Brewing
9. Goose Island
10. Maui Brewing Company

1. Sangria
2. Martini
3. Strawberry Daiquiri
4. Sex on the Beach
5. Mojito
6. Old Fashioned
7. Hot toddy
8. Rusty Nail
9. Mimosa
10. White Russian

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