Emma Stone and the SNL Ladies Nail a Song About Awkwardness of Casual Holiday Gift Giving


‘Tis the season — for digging through your closet for present to regift.

The ladies of Saturday Night Live along with host Emma Stone served up a completely relatable tune about the peril of swapping holiday gifts with casual acquaintances and the one item that always fills the void: a candle.

In the style of a ’90s music video, the SNL cast chronicled the journey of a peach-scented candle as it changes hands from one struggling gift giver to another.

But Aidy Bryant also gives a warning not to undermine the value of the present by pairing it with another little goody.

She sings, “When you give a candle that is all that she needs, don’t pair it with the lotion or some little cream. A lot of people think two gifts are better than one, but that just makes each seem smaller and dumb.”

Saturday Night Live airs Saturdays (11:30 p.m. ET) on NBC.

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