Attention Crown Fanatics: Your Dream Jewelry Is Here

Photo of Attention Crown Fanatics: Your Dream Jewelry Is Here

For those swept up the majesty, drama and glittery glamour that is The Crown, half the fun is the dazzling diamonds on display in each episode. (The other half is Princess Margaret.)

Annoushka Ducas, the London jewelry designer who is a favorite of Princess Kate‘s (you can go inside her store here!), has just launched a new line, fittingly called The Crown Collection, that would be perfectly at home in the Netflix hit.

Designed to be worn individually or stacked via interlocking points, the rings were inspired by the look of lace, says Ducas, a mom of four whose flagship boutique, Annoushka, is located in London’s fine jewelry center.

“I’m really big on stacking rings—I just love that playfulness,” she says. “I really wanted to create a more feminine, girly end to the ring instead of it being blunt. The lace was my first thought.”

“Crowns and tiaras and lace — that whole look is so historical and yet so modern at the same time,” she adds. The new collection, which starts at $3,100, “is a little bit irreverent as far as the crown is concerned.”

Does she envision future Queen Kate or other royals wearing a “crown” on their fingers?

“I would be thrilled if any of them did,” she says. “Particularly when they’re interlocked and back to back, it doesn’t scream crown.”

Adds the designer, “When I’m designing, people quite often say, ‘What is your style of jewelry?’ I always say I really hope I’m designing modern-day treasure, and The Crown Collection encapsulates that absolutely perfectly. It’s something you own and don’t own forever, you pass it on and it’s a memory thing. It’s that feeling of designing treasure for now and treasure for my daughters someday.”

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