Kill The "Spin Room"

Photo of Kill The "Spin Room"

You know the “spin room”: it’s the place where, at the conclusion of a debate, a horde of reporters and campaign employees/hangers-on gather en masse to chatter cheerfully about the ghastly horrors just witnessed by the rest of America. What is the point of these discussions? Some spin room participants—campaign surrogates, television talking heads—might tell you that they’re there to analyze the debate, to help the voters decipher who “won” and who “lost.” The journalists jostling with each other to shove recorders in the faces of those campaign surrogates might tell you that they’re reporting on the moods of each camp—and indeed the spin room, in theory, might have a certain utility, in the same way that sports beat writers are allowed to infiltrate locker rooms for postgame quotes so that fans can get a peek into what was going through the star quarterback’s mind when he threw that game-winning touchdown pass.


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