Remove stress from real estate process by working with Realtor


Real estate transactions can be stressful and are full of nuances, subtleties and loads of paperwork. Aside from that, every transaction is different because every single one involves the ultimate variable - people. Are you technologically adept and expecting to rely on Web-based searches and tools as well as social media? Agents have different marketing strategies that may include the Internet, MLS, print ads, open houses, staging and other means. Only those agents who are members in the National Association of Realtors, the Texas Association of Realtors and the Houston Association of Realtors or one of the other local associations around the state can use the term "Realtor" on business cards and in marketing material. [...] Realtors are sworn to uphold a strict code of ethics and to treat all parties fairly. There are all kinds of real estate agents out there, and there's one for you, no matter what your situation or what level of service you seek.

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