The Note: What To Expect From Candidate Bobby Jindal


NOTABLES --IT'S OFFICIAL -- BOBBY JINDAL IS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT: Onstage at his kickoff rally outside New Orleans yesterday afternoon, the Louisiana governor bashed Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush while setting himself up as a protector of religious liberty and conservative values, ABC's CHRIS GOOD and KATHERINE FAULDERS report. "You've heard Jeb Bush say we need to be willing to lose the primary in order to win the general election," Jindal said of his rival. "We're gonna help him do that." A day after Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton spent over an hour discussing race and inequality at a church near Ferguson, Mo., Jindal accused her of divisiveness. "Hillary Clinton's always trying to divide us by ethnicity, by gender, by economic status," Jindal said. "I'm sick and tired of people dividing Americans." A social conservative, Jindal portrayed Christian faith and values as coming under attack from liberals--a staple of his speeches at political events this year. "There are...

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