Zayn Malik Sits Front Row at Valentino While One Direction Launches a New Fragrance (Niall's Tears Make it Special)


One Direction (and the one Directioner who is currently going in the opposite direction) has had a big day, fashion-wise. Former band memember Zayn Malik hit up the Valentino Spring/Summer 2016 runway show, while the four remaining bandmates just released a hilarious ad for their latest fragrance, “Between Us.”


Sticking to the white buzzcut he unveiled two weeks ago (after a stint of multiple multicolored dye jobs) Malik stepped out wearing (what else?) Valentino, in a white collared button-up, suited trousers and a long jacket featuring a two-toned lapel. And already the runway-watching-pro he is, he posted a must-have snap from his seat with the caption, “‘front row ready’ @valentino fashion show.” (Valentino’s target demo must include ex-boy band members, because Joe Jonas was also spotted at the show!)

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And though his bandmates aren’t taking in high fashion in Paris, they’re keeping plenty busy with their fourth fragrance launch. To kick off “Between Us,” the guys released a a minute and a half clip featuring three members going the greatest lengths of the Earth to compile their one-of-a-kind scent. Harry Styles climbs the highest mountain, Liam Payne swims the deepest ocean and Louis Tomlinson travels to space to contribute to the mixture. But it’s Niall Horan’s single tear drop that adds the finishing ingredient.

“As this is our fourth fragrance, we feel like we are really getting the hang of it,” Horan said in a statement. “Not sure we’re pros just yet but the four of us have our own opinions on what looks and smells good, and we all bring something different to the finished product.” (Yeah, we’d say “tears” are definitely different.)

While they may push the boundaries with their off-the-wall ads, it’s all working in their favor: Our Moment reached $100 million in sales before it even hit shelves. (Salivating over the newest one? The Between Us gift set will hit Macy’s stores in August.)

Do you think Zayn will start becoming a fashion week staple? Are you buying One Direction’s new fragrance? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

— Colleen Kratofil

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