Couples strengthen muscles, relationships working out together


[...] they post the exercise plan on the refrigerator - a month of "the What, the Where and the When," said Jon Kidwell, the healthy living director for the Weekley Family YMCA in southwest Houston. If a couple has a supportive relationship, they can help each other and can watch each other's form, she said. Partner or "buddy" exercises, such as tossing a medicine ball back and forth for core strengthening, are an obvious advantage that couples have over individuals. Usually, partner exercises work well for couples because they enjoy spending time together, but if they want some distance, or have radically different needs or goals, they should make sure the trainer knows that in the beginning, she said. When I start working with a couple, the first thing I tell them is, 'You need to clearly state your goals so there's no confusion,' " he said. " 'Then outline the support you need from each other - not the support you're going to give, because it may be different from what the person needs.'

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