The Note: The Candidates and the Confederate Flag


By MICHAEL FALCONE NOTABLES --THE DEBATE OVER THE FLAG ENVELOPED THE 2016 REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL FIELD over the weekend. Some called for its removal while others took a less definitive stance. Appearing on ABC???s ???This Week,??? Republican presidential candidate??RICK SANTORUM told ABC???s MARTHA RADDATZ that the decision should be left to South Carolinians. ???I don't think the federal government or federal candidates should be making decisions on everything and opining on everything,??? Santorum said. "We should let the people of South Carolina go through the process of making this decision.??? Santorum??called??the shooting??that took place in Charleston an "act of??terrorism??? and ???purely evil.??? Referring to Dylann Roof, 21, who allegedly killed nine people during a Bible study inside the city???s Emanuel AME Church, Santorum said:?? "This young man is going to get justice served on him.??? --JEB BUSH: ???My position on how to address the Confederate flag is clear. In...

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