Watch Donald Trump Play Presidential Word Association


Business and reality television mogul, Donald Trump, who is perhaps most famous for uttering the words ???you???re fired,??? had a few words for some of the candidates he may face should he run for president in 2016. Speaking with ABC News from inside the Old Post Office Building in Washington, DC -- soon-to-be the site of a luxury downtown Trump International Hotel -- we asked Trump to tell us the first thing that came to mind about a few big names. Here???s what we learned: Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush ???I call him the reluctant warrior -- and perhaps warrior is not a good word, because I am not sure he's a warrior.??? ???I don't understand this man ??? he???s stumbling like he's not even a smart person.??? ???Honestly he doesn't look happy, he doesn't want to be doing what he's doing ??? I don't know is the family forcing him to do it???? Florida Sen. Marco Rubio ???I was so disappointed when I looked at his answer on Iraq. ??? It was such a stupid answer, and such a foolish answer, and he's got a lot...

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