There no quick fix in the battle against cholesterol


If you're overweight, out of shape and your cholesterol numbers have gone through the roof, it's time to stop listening to Dr. Oz and Dr. Google and listen to the physician who's sitting in a room with you. Dr. Jonathan Aliota, an interventional cardiologist at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, wants people to find a good doctor they can see in person and listen to his or her medical advice. [...] if your cholesterol is at a dangerous level, the benefit of a daily bowl of oatmeal or tablespoon of olive oil is far from the only thing you should think about. Take your meds: Because some people have high cholesterol simply because it runs in their family, prescription medication - a statin, usually - is needed to keep blood lipids at a safe level. "People ask, 'How do I know if my food has a lot of fat in it?' I tell them that if it tastes delicious, it probably has too much fat," Aliota said. Redefine the word "diet" to simply mean the way you're going to eat forever - less fat, healthful carbs, fresh produce and lean meat, he said. Foods with healthful, monounsaturated fats - such as avocado or olive oil - aren't a treatment for high cholesterol and should be eaten as part of a balance diet. Download an app on your phone or buy a calorie counter and keep track of every bite you eat.

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