Take a step in the right direction when dealing with foot problems


For temporary heel pain, Blumfield suggested using anti-inflammatory medication or purchasing shoe inserts known as orthotics. Athletic individuals who have hyperhidrosis, or overproduction of the sweat glands, should wear breathable cotton socks and change them frequently. For those who have plantar fasciitis or tired feet, freeze a bottle of water or roll a tennis ball on the bottom of your feet. Heels create pressure on the forefoot that can result in hammertoes, bunions, or neuroma, which can have a sharp stinging feeling caused by scar tissue building up on the plantar nerve on the sole of the foot. [...] active kids are more likely to have calcaneal apophysitis, or Severs Disease, an inflammation of the heel's growth plate that causes heel pain. The foot may need to be amputated if the condition worsens or goes unchecked. [...] paying attention to foot wellness, especially during the summer, is crucial.

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