Ask George & Chuck: Don't pursue lawsuit for overhanging trees


If it violates a city ordinance, complain to the city, as it has jurisdiction. [...] this is not worth a lawsuit, in our opinion. Spend your money solving the problem, not on attorney's fees. Does the seller's agent have to tell new buyer about the report and provide a copy of the report? The listing broker has a duty under the Texas Real Estate License Act to disclose all known defects. There is no duty to update it in the statute, although we have had a recent court of appeals case that said the seller does have a duty to update the disclosure if there has been a material change in the property's condition. If buying a home, it may be a prudent practice to have the seller update the form, anyway. Does Texas have regulations regarding the minimum amount that a HOA must have in their reserve account? I thought a percentage of dues must be held in reserve in case of a major emergency that requires repairs to common areas. If you wish to obtain legal advice, you should consult your own attorney.

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