What Happened To These Famous Internet Memes And Where They Are Now


‘Success Kid’

It is hard to ignore the many memes that fill the internet. Have you ever wondered how these Internet meme stars look like in real life when they are not stuck in that same famous pose or not altered with Photoshop?

Website Business Insider takes a close look at 10 internet meme stars and how they have been doing since their internet fame took off.

A photo taken by his mother propelled 11-month-old Sammy into internet stardom. The ‘Success Kid’ is now eight, and is using his viral internet fame to help his father find a kidney.

Others featured memes include Grumpy Cat and the recent NCAA Tournament's Crying Piccolo Girl.

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‘Success Kid’, Sammy, now 8

Crying Piccolo Girl

Crying Piccolo Girl, Roxanne Chalifoux invited to Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat with owner, Tabatha Bundesen

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