The bailout crisis: Germany’s view of how Greece fell from grace


Athens’ defiance of austerity demands and recalling of wartime atrocities have angered Germans already worried about rising nationalism and economic decline.

Why Greece is content to blame Germany

Did he or didn’t he? Last week, the biggest media story in Germany was whether or not Yanis Varoufakis had flipped us the finger. After a video of the Greek finance minister “showing the stinkfinger” (as Germans put it) was screened on a talk show, a satirist claimed he had doctored the video and that the finger-flip was a fake. A day later he recanted.

Experts pored over the “Varoufake” video like JFK conspiracy buffs over the Zapruder footage. No matter that the video dates from 2013 and has no bearing on today’s politics – the “Varoufake” story eclipsed riots in Frankfurt and terrorism in Tunis. For Germany, Greece is more than a pesky problem on the periphery of Europe. It’s an obsession.

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