Mexican Wrestling Star Perro Aguayo Jr. Dies After In-Ring Accident


Mexican wrestling star Perro Aguayo, Jr. has died at 35 years old after an in-ring accident in a match last night in Tijuana. According to the Wrestling Observer, after taking a dropkick from Rey Mysterio Jr., he hit the ring ropes and passed out. As seen in several videos taken from ringside—these are difficult to watch, but seem not to show the exact moment when Aguayo was injured—Mysterio and the other participants in the match continued briefly, with Aguayo's tag team partner Manik, apparently unaware of the seriousness of the situation, pulling him out of the way of the action. Medical personnel are seen attending to Aguayo in the video above, but he reportedly died later in the night in the Hospital del Prado, with there being conflicting reports on the cause of death.


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