Tsipras says summit positive for Greece, will get EU funds - live updates


Rolling economic and financial news, as European leaders urge Athens to present details reform plans quickly

Britain’s FTSE 100 has hit a new record high at the start of trading in London, up 0.3% at 6987 points.

A Greek government spokesman has said Athens expects to receive desperately needed funds once it presents a new list of detailed economic reforms.

Gabriel Sakellaridis explained a few minutes ago that:

“What was discussed was that once the reforms are submitted, and in a detailed manner, to the Eurogroup when that happens ... then the funding will be unlocked towards the Greek economy.”

#EU official sees new #Eurogroup meeting on #Greece soon /via @tsigouriX

Extra #Eurogroup meeting still not confirmed by all parties.

Here’s the official statement issued after the meeting (for any readers who weren’t awake at 2am):

We fully adhere to the agreement of the Eurogroup of 20 February 2015.

In the spirit of mutual trust, we are all committed to speed up the work and conclude it as fast as possible.

Good morning.

The message to Greece was simple - “give us a list fast, then you can get the money fast”.

The Greek prime minister declared he is willing to submit such a list and do so quickly....That is needed urgently, and it is needed to focus minds.

Chllr #Merkel after meeting in small group: Greek gov't has pledged to present reforms very quickly. pic.twitter.com/HNtC6O1ZRa MT @RegSprecher

“It is clear that Greece is not obliged to implement recessionary measures,” the 40-year-old Greek premier told reporters, referring to previously agreed reforms.

“Greece will submit its own structural reforms, which it will implement.”

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