A Bay Area bank robber wore mask and jacket, but no gloves. The FBI used his hand tattoos to ID a suspect

Photo of A Bay Area bank robber wore mask and jacket, but no gloves. The FBI used his hand tattoos to ID a suspect

SAN FRANCISCO — A bank robber’s decision to wear a mask and jacket — but no glove — has cost him dearly, according to FBI agents who say they were able to identify and arrest him based on tattoos on his hand.

Larry Elton Henley, 44, was charged in federal court last week with robbing the same Wells Fargo bank in November and December. According to the criminal complaint, he was arrested minutes after the second robbery, by a San Francisco officer who recognized Henley by tattoos on his hand. Federal authorities later linked him to the November robbery when they realized his tattoos matched those seen on surveillance footage.

On Henley’s right hand, the word “hate” is tattooed in big, cursive lettering. On his left hand, the word “crime” is spelled out in identical font.

On Nov. 16, at around 3:30 p.m., federal authorities allege Henley entered the Wells Fargo on 2055 Chestnut Street in San Francisco, with a mask on his face. He yelled at everyone to get down, and demanded money in $50 and $100 dollar bills. He made off with $3,900, according to the criminal complaint.

Then, on Dec. 10, a little before 3:20 p.m. Henley allegedly went back to the same bank, armed with a black handgun, this time wearing a mask and gloves. He demanded money and got $685, but the teller was able to sneak a GPS device inside the cash, the complaint says.

A security camera near the Wells Fargo captures Henley a few minutes later, with a female companion. He was wearing the exact same clothes, except the mask and gloves were gone, authorities said. Using a description of him, an officer was able to locate and arrest Henley within minutes.

Henley was charged with armed bank robbery on Feb. 7. If convicted, he faces up to 25 years in prison and a $250,000 fine, court records show. He is scheduled to have a detention hearing on Thursday, and remains jailed in the meantime.

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