Fox 'Serious News' Reporter Whitewashes Trump's Proposed Social Security Cuts

Photo of Fox 'Serious News' Reporter Whitewashes Trump's Proposed Social Security Cuts

In a report on Democratic grilling of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin over Donald Trump’s proposed cuts to Social Security, Fox News correspondent Mike Emanuel whitewashed them by referring to Social Security as “a popular entitlement program” instead of the social safety net it actually is.

Fox News anchor Bret Baier introduced the report by saying that Trump’s budget is “a hard sell” to Congressional Democrats. In reality, it’s dead on arrival.

Emanuel then began:

It’s budget season on Capitol Hill which in this political environment means it is a target for attack. A Senate Democrat pressed the Treasury secretary this afternoon on a popular entitlement program.

The clip that followed made it clear that the “popular entitlement program” Emanuel referred to is Social Security. Describing Social Security as an “entitlement program” suggests that it’s some kind of welfare program people feel entitled to. But while the proposed cuts do not affect retirees’ income, they would cut about $45 billion in spending for disabled children and adults, i.e. the neediest among us.

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