Logan Paul’s New Diss Track On NFL Star Antonio Brown Is Hilarious In All The Worst Ways!


Are these two going to box each other, or what?!

Logan Paul and Antonio Brown have been in a war of words for a while now as they go back and forth over whether or not they want to get into the ring and duke it out in a boxing match. And today, well, Logan took the next step in the public battle, as the YouTube star released a vicious diss track calling out the (now-former) NFL star for some of his recent questionable career moves!

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The track, which you can watch (above), calls out Brown for his departure from the professional football league, as well as for some of the controversies he’s, ummm, found himself involved in since that time last year. It seems like Paul would be coming into a fight (or whatever) with quite a bit of confidence after this one, at least based on what we see here. It probably doesn’t help that Paul’s name trended on Twitter for much of the afternoon with fans incredulous about the track, and all this hype for a potential fight.

And one of the craziest parts of this whole thing is that fans seemed to LOVE the track!!!

“I don’t Iike Logan but this is probably his best diss track yet,” one wrote in the comments on the video-sharing platform, while another added, “not gonna lie, this actually slaps.”

Other users offered up their support with King of the Hill references, saying, “That boy’s talented I’ll tell you what,” while others added more in the comments section about how surprised they were that Logan Paul could create something actually… good?!

Those comments included this call-out and plea for more (below):

“I used to dislike Logan for some time now, but his content is quite enjoyable lately. IMO, this is definitely his best diss track yet. This is way better than his earlier music, I really like it make more! Put this on Spotify, iTunes please I and others like it.”

Ha! Well, there you go, we suppose.

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That line about One Direction is pretty savage, not gonna lie…

What do U think, Perezcious readers?! How’d U like the diss track itself?? What about the potential boxing match between the YouTuber and the embattled pro athlete?? Sound OFF with your opinions on all of this and more in the comments (below)…

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